Paul Krugman raises some good questions in this NY Times article.

George Bush promised to bring honor and integrity back to the White House. Instead, he got rid of accountability.
Why is it that the world had to stop and an independent investigation convened and impeachment proceedings begun when Clinton got his d**k sucked, but Bush seems to operate with impunity well above the law for actions far more severe?

In the end many people said it wasn't the sex act that offended them about Clinton but that he lied- blatantly- under oath- when questioned on it. Keep in mind I was one of those people. I didn't like Clinton and I was in favor of impeaching him for lying (among other things) at the time. In retrospect I am glad the impeachment failed. The country wouldn't survive long if Presidents were impeached any time they did something unpopular. But, IMHO - Bush's blatant lying has fargraver consequences for this country and its future.

Somehow Bush has managed to trick, fool, bribe or bully the rest of the government and the press into letting his actions go unquestioned and unanswered.

Still, the big story isn't about Mr. Bush; it's about what's happening to America. Other presidents would have liked to bully the C.I.A., stonewall investigations and give huge contracts to their friends without oversight. They knew, however, that they couldn't. What has gone wrong with our country that allows this president to get away with such things?
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