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    1. I've done a full slow HDD Format since i installed 3ds max
    2. I use Norton firewall, It asks me if I want to allow software to access the internet, and by checking the preferences, 3ds max has no priveledge to access.

    My theory- though most likely wrong, is that windows setup detected windows on the hard drive, therefore it skipped a part of the format that contains somekind of key in the registry. The CD key theory is wrong, because the trial cd key is all zeros, so theres no association to any registration infomation. The more I think about it though,I wonder if the windows setup formatting utility would actually be designed to prevent multiple use of software? Im almost tempted to wipe with a floppy or something.

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    Did you re-download the file? Or install from a backup, yet another guess, but perhaps it made changes to the .exe when you first entered the trial serial.

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    Its on a cd that was sent through the mail, not a download. Is there some way i can see what files a program accesses when its being used? maybe that can tell...

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    maybe it's a bit offtopic:
    with a good hex editor (hexexplorer or hexhexworkshop), you can change the expiration date.
    but it's illegal, so I don't recommend it.
    Is your cpu broke? Put it in the oven!

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