I was just wondering if somebody could help me choose between these two distros:
FreeBSD and Debian. I have never used anything besides Windows, and I would like to start using Linux or Unix. I want to try Debian because of the great things I have read about it, but I am worried about the installer which is complained about a lot. I don't understand what would be hard about having to type in the serial number or something of the hardware I have so thats not a problem. But I might want to try FreeBSD because most of the documentation I read about security is aimed Unix gurus, which makes me think that the GUI of Linux would prevent someone from being able to do something which states that a Unix should do (in other words, all the stuff I read abotu Unix being the true OS of all security people and hackers) so I wont be able to do anything. So, can anyone help me by telling me if the Debian installer is harder than I think it is, or that Unix allows the user to do more things than Linux can.