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    17,191 least you proved that it works...............a little word of advice..........get yourself an old PI/PII to experiment with...................NEVER do it on your main machine, hey, you don't know if it was written and has loaded properly?

    The rules are the same as for ordinary software


    like the man said about playing with fire.............sure I do it............but I have been doing so for quite a while, and I would never use a shared machine, one on a network or whatever? people are throwing away machines that are good enough for this?

    I think that you reformat and re-install? and learn from the lesson..............I reformat the test machines almost every have to to get a clean experiment next time?

    It is a bit like chemistry?

    If you cannot do someone any good: don't do them any harm....
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    now my windows is back again
    thankx for the symantec help

    do u want the optix??
    contact me on MSN msngr
    i dont wanna get banned here
    by the way
    although Optix is a trojan,but it's very good
    really smart trojan with nice options
    i bit the coder spent so much time to get it like this
    it's so far stable and harmful(i m sure about this)

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