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Thread: EZ-Disk?

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    You might try:


    or google search for "partition manager"

    You should be able to find one that works?

    Also, have you enough space on the 40 to copy the data you have on the 80? If so go for it, then remove the 40 and install the 80 as primary?

    Know anyone who is just building a new box who could lend you a drive for a day?

    Just a few thoughts?


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    My post before this one explains why i cant do it...did you read it?
    my 80GB disk kind of resets itself when i install XP onto Me...it shows 35 instead of 80 and the only way i know of fixing is running my boot disk which fixes the problem but DELETES ALL DATA on the 80GB disk....so thats why i must keep my 40GB the primary...but ill see what i can do about the partitioning thing

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