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    A book called "Stealing the Network: How to Own the Box" published by Syngress Press is filled with about a dozed fictional accounts of network intrusion, and some taken from the black hat, some from the white hat sides. The stories are written by security professionals, sysadmins, and hackers, and although fictional, there are some sailent discussion points you can draw from them. It may help guide your topic.

    Besides, it's a fun read.


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    What may help you out in this regard would be to talk about previous prosicutions of hackers that did not meen to cause malicous harm and those who did. a good search in good with a string such as hacking + "ethical issues" brings up numerous wepages with many different opinions many from universities and individuals alike. It will just be a matter of finding the articles that suite the direction in which you would like your paper to go.
    also 2600.com is a good starting point.
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    Try www.underground-book.com There's a version of the book available as a free download, and it's full of stories about the sort of activities you want information on. The best part is that all the stories are supposedly true...

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    I have thought a bit more and would suggest that you play down the actual "legal"side as the law is an ass and frequently gets it wrong.

    A guy in th UK got away with it recently..........a member of a self-styled elite hacker group......how?, because he had a trojan on his computer so "It was not I, it was the cat wot done it" as we say over here

    / commercial break

    It wasn't my tomcat either..............he has been far too busy writing Nimda IV in pure assembler

    /end commercial break

    So here we have this elite hacker allowing a backdoor on his own machine? oh yeah? He was as guilty as hell, but the lawyers got him off (and I would have given him an extra ten for his arrogant expression and lousy haircut). Simply because there appeared to be reasonable doubt?

    If I were you I would stick to the ethics and morality bit and leave actual court cases in the background.

    As suggested, there are one or two cases of people being "accused" on this site.........look in General Chit Chat and Newbie Security Questions.


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    I just recently read a pretty good book, Cybershock, which has a few chapters on the ethics, and such.
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    Originally posted here by 576869746568617
    Sorry, Bro! Just thought ya were posting nonsense to be an a$$. My bad!
    Just remember, When you assume you make an ASS out of U and ME.

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