Hi AO. I have a question regarding performance for games. First off i think it would be best to list my system specifications before i ask the question.
Shuttle ak38n ---- via kt333 chipset---- only () 256mb ram
video adapter----- nVidia 5200 ultra
OS: win 2000 pro
built in sound, lan on the mobo

emmm.... i guess that rather covers all the important aspects of my box i built.

alright, now for the question! When i play a game such as halo pc for example, and i start a multi-player game with the game map as blood gulch.... and i get into a vehichle and start driving around, i start getting all of these screen artifacts on the monitor.( like hundreds of little white boxes all over the screen) I believe i have it set on 800X600, with the details turned down a little. i have also noticed this when i play max payne 2 for quite awhile i start getting artifacts on the screen as well. Therefore i was wondering if anyone could perhaps give me some advice on how to keep this from happening.

I'd appreciate it very much.... Thank you