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    Just a word of advice when you are looking for a different firewall. Not all firewalls seem to behave the same with regard to VPNs. We have a big problem getting a SonicWall and a PIX to setup a tunnel. If we cannot make this work one of us probably has to buy new hardware just to keep this project going. So check compatibility issues, especially with VPNs!
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    Netscreen has been solid as a rock for me. Easily managed as well as affordable.

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    Not sure about all the software firewalls - but hardware firewalls are stateful packet inspectors.
    Many of the new attacks go right through them.

    P.S. We threw our WatchGuard out!

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    For the money, there is nothing in my opinion that can compete with the Fortinet Fortigate line. $1000 or so gets you a hardware firewall with redundant WAN links, IDS, and realtime antivirus at your network's gateway. This company boasts that because they push updates to their devices 24/7, their customers around the globe were patched for the blaster worm within 3 hours of it being recognized. Anyway, I've used the Fortigate 60 for more than one client and have had no issues/problems.

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