I'm not sure where I read this, but I was informed that Macs use a trinary system, not binary. Just wondering if this is true. I know PC's run by binary, but prefer Hex, but are fine since Binary is 4(.5), or half of 4. Any information on the Mac's processing?

Also, I have a theory as to why Macs are considered so powerful, if there is a different, hardware related reason, lemme know...

Anways, I think that the only reason Macs are considered so powerful is that the GUI was built for the mind-capacity of 4 yr olds, hence, using none of the power within the machine. Not to offend you Mac users out there, though, I know I just did, but I feel like I'm using DOS' EDIT.com compared to MS Word XP. Mind you, I dislike MS, as well. I mean, like EDIT, it has many hidden features, but is very simple. MS Word puts em all in front of you, with a few exceptions such as VBA. All that power is behind the steering of a single-button mouse. Tsk Tsk. More Linux distros need to be ported to teh Mac, then, and only then, would I use a Mac for more than just sheer curiosity.

I see the Mac as analogous to the Sega Drreamcast. It had a great design, and allegedly awesome power, but the power is never harnessed.