Strange things happening this week. Small peer-to-peer network consisting of 2XP machines and 2 Win98 machines. We have a web site being hosted with a web hosting company. On Tuesday we were unable to reach our web site's home page. We verified the rest of the world was able to view the site. Our email is served via this same server, and we had no problems with email. We were able to reach a back door of our web site. Around 3PM, we were allowed access to our home page. We have not been able to determine what caused the problem, nor what happened to allow us to have access again. The error we were receiving was a standard page not found error.Both or web hosting company and ISP gave valid reasons for not being their problem. Tried both IE and Netscape, and both failed

On Wednesday we were unable to send email out. Our smtp settings use the same server from the situation listed above. Again, our ISP and Web hosting company have given valid reasons as to why it's not their problem. Any thoughts?????????????