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Thread: Removal tool for Redlof

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    Question Removal tool for Redlof

    i need the virus removal tool for the Redlof virus.
    or any trick to remove this virus from hard disk

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    This page gives you instructions on how to remove the virus-

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    [quote] virus removal tool for the Redlof virus[/quote
    any good antivirus will do.

    read this

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    For the best results, or if you are having problems:

    1. Update your AV first
    2. Boot into SAFE MODE and run the AV (heuristics and compressed file scanning set to "on")
    3. If you are running Windows Me or later, check your AV providers site for intructions on removing viruses from the System Restore File!!!
    4. Check your AV provider (and others) to see if there is a special removal/repair tool


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