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Thread: Know security without hacking

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    I can get more machines but my parents won't allow me to get multiple boxes for myself, they will say I'm exagerating. And my box is too slow to run vmware. Also there's a problem that would make it to cost me money if I want to lan other computers with a NIC to my wlan.
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    and you have no friends that would be interested in letting you set up a lan at their place for your mutual benifit? what i saying is if you wanted to hack just to learn security you would find another way rather than breaking into others computers. your lifes conditions are not anyone elses responsibility as you seem to think. because your parents (god i cant believe im having this conversation) wont allow you to have more equipment dosen't give you a license to break the law. 'IF' you get caught you may be living with your parents much longer than you intend to because no one will hire you to a position of responsibility,

    hacking with the "excuse" or obtaining knowledge it a bunch oh bullshit. you do it because you like to....theirs always a way if your willing to find one.
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    I've an article about hacker, it said that hacker doesn't mean the person who hack others system without permission. It can be Network Specialist, Computer Specialist n etc.

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    I think that Tedob1 has some good advice.

    I think that you might have to "educate" your parents?...........hell not so long ago my wife threatened to divorce me if I brought another computer into the house (seriously!)...........she later "rescued" 11 from her workplace! of my drinking pals is a teacher at the school across the road, and I had got these machines for their new computer lab...........In my experience people are actually helpful inspite of themselves

    "Let them mess with these and shoot them if they mess with the real kit" was my message to Padroig.............I think that is Tedob1's message to you?

    You need to get the flat desktop machines 486 and above. Put blocks of wood about 25mm in each corner to allow good airflow. They will really take up no space as you only have the "footprint" of the one machine and the rest is vertical?

    These are your "labrat" system

    I would recommend that you try social engineering.get an older person in the business to speak to your parents...I have done this several times:

    Friend: "My son wants a new computer"
    Me: "He is lying.....he needs at least three"
    Friend: "Oh good......I'll tell him that"

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    Good luck mate! (Bon Chance...........sorry I don't do Dutch)

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    I got pretty good on my security concepts by letting my friends on my system remotely, we used ytalk and spent weeks trying to get it secure.... it is alot more secure but it is still vulnerable the first thing I fixed on my box was limitations wow I didn't realize how important it is to set them. I think it is good to learn what the enemy does though. Otherwise what do you know what to secure or not.

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    Learning to hack in a laboratory environment is essential to learning security well.
    But in a lab it's a controlled environment where you already know how everything is set up etc.

    Compare to in the real world where you have to worry about un-educated users , management and the sort.

    Wouldn't learning security in both enviroment be different ?

    Just wondering .....

    This kinda summarizes [ I think ] what Tedob1 is trying to say :
    Gaining Security Experience Painlessly
    Operation Cyberslam
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    Just my 2cents.

    I have a buddy who lives on the other side of town who, like me, is always interested in what can and cannot be done with a machine. He and I each have a box at our house that we have labled a tear'em up box.

    He configures his to be "hacker proof" and I have the same. and like a drag race we try and find the weekness in each others.

    1 - legal
    2 - fun
    3 - educating
    4 - extremely cheap (paid $20 at a pawn shop for an old 486)

    there are always alternatives to jail or worse, having your computer privaleges taken away for years
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    Yes you may think it is legal but (not that I don't do the same) have you read your ISP's AUP to see what you are and aren allowed to do you'd be amazed Comcast my ISP doesn't allow uploading, servers, LAN, Security scanners(locally), and a crap load more,. I was amazed on the stuff that they don't allow I think it is mainly that they are trying to hold there rights for future events... I haven't been banned yet so they must monitor there subscribers rarely.

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    I have comcast . Never had any of those restrictions. I've setup a gaming server at times, Have launched IP scans from my PC, and have also uploaded certain files to an FTP folder so my friends could get a hold of them. They never gave me any problems, and as a matter of fact, they sent me a letter a few days ago saying that they have doubled my broadband speed for being a good customer .

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    I have found some guide in dowload section of antionline...
    it was Guide for Almost Harmless Hacking or something like that...
    Many things I read there about hacking/tweeking Win95 I alerady know, so I ask myself: If I know how to edit registry, how to remove virus/troyan/spyware manualy, or to tweek XP ... optimise services running... how to set my LAN to access internet.. how to setup firewall.. does it all makes me hacker... or I'm just IT professional?

    in the bottom line, it doesn't matter if you or others calls you hacker or not.. you just try to learn as much as you can without geting in trouble... it is better to ask first
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