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Thread: Best of Class Tools- Open Source or Freeware

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    Trumpet-Eared Gentoo Freak
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    Jan 2003
    Firewall - Sygate / IPtables / smoothwall v2
    Antivirus - Norton AV
    Intrusion Detection - BlackIce / Snort
    Port Scanning - DA king of scanners - Nmap of course (both platforms)
    Packet Sniffing - Ethereal (both platforms)
    Spyware / Adware Blocking or Removal- AdAware
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    May 2003
    Firewall-Zone Alarm, Port Monster Firewall
    Antivirus- AVG
    Intrusion Detection- Snort
    Vulnerability Scanner-nessus, GFI Languard, ISS Security Scanner (use the evaluation Copy)
    Port Scanning-nmap,
    Packet Sniffing-TCPDump, ethereal, ettercap
    Encryption- Not using
    Spam Blocking- Not using
    Spyware / Adware Blocking or Removal- AdAware, Spyguard, CWS Shredder and Spybot
    Enumeration Tools- samspade for Windows
    Other Miscellaneous Tools- cain,
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    Jun 2004
    Firewall-zone alarm
    Antivirus-eTrust or AVG
    Intrusion Detection-Snort
    Vulnerability Scanner-dont use
    Port Scanning-nmap
    Packet Sniffing-win/tcpDump
    Encryption-dont use
    Spam Blocking-servicepack2 for windows, not a single pop up since i installed the beta
    Spyware / Adware Blocking or Removal- spybot, hijackthis!, winsockfix.exe
    Enumeration Tools- dont use
    Other Miscellaneous Tools- bginfo (displays systems specs as backround), regclean.exe by m$, prime96 for stress tests

    the **** i listed as dont use i probably do use, but so what

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    Jun 2004

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