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Thread: How to increase the security of my PC on the company Intranet

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    How to increase the security of my PC on the company Intranet

    When I scanned my PC with one of the anti spy software some of the suspicious softwares were detected on my PC. I am using my PC on the company Intranet. It means some one has been accessing my PC. Please give me some recommendations how can I increase the security of my PC.

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    Request you to kindly search and read so many already existing threads on musthave for individual PC and also spyware.....

    U shall find a host of tools already been suggested.....
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    One of the things I would do is put in a password on the user account and choose a password that will be easy for you to rember such as a passphrase but hard for someone else to figure out and always log out of your account when you leave your desk. That will stop most people from using your computer when you are not there but if the person really wants to use it and has the right tools and knowledge they can get around it fairly quickly.

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    When I scanned my PC with one of the anti spy software some of the suspicious softwares were detected on my PC. I am using my PC on the company Intranet.It means some one has been accessing my PC.
    No, it means you have spyware on your PC.

    First get a firewall - theres a free one at zonelabs .
    Then get a Virus Scanner - theres a free one at Grisoft.

    Then get adware scanners - adaware is free for home use, and theres spybot s&d.

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    you secure ur companies system by downloading some tools from antiviruses sites.
    also u must change ur admin password daily.and u can improve ur systems security.
    if ur system is accesed by other n/w then u can read his\her i.p. address from internet settings.

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    i posted some tools in the spyware section you could have seen it here is it anyway:

    There are a lot of PC users that know little about "Spyware", "Mal-ware", "hijackers", "Dialers" & many more. This will help you avoid pop-ups, spammers and all those baddies.

    What is spy-ware?
    Spy-ware is Internet jargon for Advertising Supported software (Ad-ware). It is a way for shareware authors to make money from a product, other than by selling it to the users. There are several large media companies that offer them to place banner ads in their products in exchange for a portion of the revenue from banner sales. This way, you don't have to pay for the software and the developers are still getting paid. If you find the banners annoying, there is usually an option to remove them, by paying the regular licensing fee.

    Known spywares
    There are thousands out there, new ones are added to the list everyday. But here are a few:
    Alexa, Aureate/Radiate, BargainBuddy, ClickTillUWin, Conducent Timesink, Cydoor, Comet Cursor, eZula/KaZaa Toptext, Flashpoint/Flashtrack, Flyswat, Gator, GoHip, Hotbar, ISTbar, Lions Pride Enterprises/Blazing Logic/Trek Blue, Lop (C2Media), Mattel Brodcast, Morpheus, NewDotNet, Realplayer, Songspy, Xupiter, Web3000, WebHancer, Windows Messenger Service.

    How to check if a program has spyware?
    The is this Little site that keeps a database of programs that are known to install spyware.

    Check Here: http://www.spywareguide.com/product_search.php

    If you would like to block pop-ups (IE Pop-ups).
    There tons of different types out there, but these are the 2 best, i think.

    Try: Google Toolbar (http://toolbar.google.com/) This program is Free
    Try: AdMuncher (http://www.admuncher.com) This program is Shareware

    If you want to remove the "spyware" try these.
    Try: Lavasoft Ad-Aware (http://www.lavasoftusa.com/) This program is Free
    Info: Ad-aware is a multi spyware removal utility, that scans your memory, registry and hard drives for known spyware components and lets you remove them. The included backup-manager lets you reinstall a backup, offers and multi language support.

    Try: Spybot-S&D (http://www.safer-networking.org/) This program is Free
    Info: Detects and removes spyware of different kinds (dialers, loggers, trojans, user tracks) from your computer. Blocks ActiveX downloads, tracking cookies and other threats. Over 10,000 detection files and entries. Provides detailed information about found problems.

    Try: BPS Spyware and Adware Remover (http://www.bulletproofsoft.com/spyware-remover.html) This program is Shareware
    Info: Adware, spyware, trackware and big brotherware removal utility with multi-language support. It scans your memory, registry and drives for known spyware and lets you remove them. Displays a list and lets you select the items you'd like to remove.

    Try: Spy Sweeper v2.2 (http://www.webroot.com/wb/products/spysweeper/index.php) This program is Shareware
    Info: Detects and removes spyware of different kinds (dialers, loggers, trojans, user tracks) from your computer.
    The best scanner out there, and updated all the time.

    Try: HijackThis 1.97.7 (http://www.spywareinfo.com/~merijn/downloads.html) This program is Freeware
    Info: HijackThis is a tool, that lists all installed browser add-on, buttons, startup items and allows you to inspect them, and optionally remove selected items.

    If you would like to prevent "spyware" being install.
    Try: SpywareBlaster 2.6.1 (http://www.wilderssecurity.net/spywareblaster.html) This program is Free
    Info: SpywareBlaster doesn`t scan and clean for so-called spyware, but prevents it from being installed in the first place. It achieves this by disabling the CLSIDs of popular spyware ActiveX controls, and also prevents the installation of any of them via a webpage.

    Try: SpywareGuard 2.2 (http://www.wilderssecurity.net/spywareguard.html) This program is Free
    Info: SpywareGuard provides a real-time protection solution against so-called spyware. It works similar to an anti-virus program, by scanning EXE and CAB files on access and alerting you if known spyware is detected.

    Try: XP-AntiSpy (http://www.xp-antispy.org/) This program is Free
    Info: XP-AntiSpy is a small utility to quickly disable some built-in update and authentication features in WindowsXP that may rise security or privacy concerns in some people.

    Try: SpySites (http://camtech2000.net/Pages/SpySit...ml#SpySitesFree) This program is Free
    Info: SpySites allows you to manage the Internet Explorer Restricted Zone settings and easily add entries from a database of 1500+ sites that are known to use advertising tracking methods or attempt to install third party software.

    If you would like more Information about "spyware".
    Check these sites.

    and here are some by houdinii:
    I think another important one to list is CoolWebSearchShredder. I don't know if many of you have had your browser hijacked by CWS or one of it's many varients, but it is difficult to get rid of without this tool.

    For more Info: http://www.spywareinfo.com/~merijn/cwschronicles.html
    Download: http://www.spywareinfo.com/~merijn/files/CWShredder.exe

    Another tool I found on the above site is KazaaBeGone, which completely removes Kazaa including the New.Net which never seems to disappear for me with adaware. *Note* I haven't tried it, so I don't know if it works. There is a bug, though. Below is a quote from the site:

    Warning: This version has a bug that can cause your Internet connection to be broken when removing New.Net, WebHancer or CommonName. An update is being worked on. If you still want to use KazaaBegone, download LSPFix to fix your Internet connection (download it before you run KazaaBegone, of course).

    For more information: http://www.spywareinfo.com/~merijn/downloads.html It is the last item on the list.

    if this is not what you wanted i am very sorry
    and anjali everybody makes mistake
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