Hello: I have always programmed in C for windows using either Turbo C or Borland C++.
Recently I am trying to dive into the Mac OSX/Unix world. I am learning how to use the gcc compiler in mac os x panther. The help files in apple's developer pages are not very concise, I have tried to look around for a very basic tutorial on gcc but no luck. Could anyone point me to a basic tutorial in this matter?

I also would like to ask if anyone can explain to me what libraries, standards and functions are compatible with which compilers? For example:
#include <stdio.h>
#include <conio.h>
void main(){
This works perfectly under windows when I use my Borland compiler. In mac os x I have tried to compile it:
$c++ hello.c
and it gives me a series of errors saying that it can't find conio.h and stuff like that.
Where does mac os x store the .h files for C?