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    Originally posted here by pooh sun tzu
    I would like very much so to see where you get those statistics, and with that information bringing the bugs on bugzilla/trak that are 8 - 9 months old for gaim and various other peices of software.
    There is a difference between a bug, and a security vunerability, but the point as I see it is if it known that gaim has a security vunerability and it is published, you have the choice not to use it.

    But there is no reason why M$ couldn't do that for their products, and also patch them quickly..... But that's another thread.

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    Smile Microsoft's monopoly power

    Well, if Microsoft wasn't Microsoft, I would still have my job at Corel or even at IBM for that matter, but the fact is that Microsoft is the big monster and we have to deal with it. I wish you could have been in that Corel building, the day they told 500 'Microsoft Haters' that they were closing down in Orem, you should have seen how fast these people changed their tune the next day when Microsoft was inside our building hiring people away. So I guess what I am trying to say is that if Microsoft didn't exist, hackers would point their techniques and cracking code towards some other company's products, but then maybe people wouldn't hate Microsoft so much and they would be hating, let's say the monopoly power of Linus' own company, Linux Co. or some other company like that because people in the software industry need standards, if you can't agree then you don't remember the time when there were enough choices to go crazy between what new operating systems we had to choose from for our software to run in.[shadow]This is just my own opinion, it doesnt represent anything of which Bill Gates or Microsoft's want my opinion to be, jajajaa[/shadow]
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    Lol if Microsoft wasn't Microsoft we would all be using Amiga version 23, OS/7, or MacOS. Perhaps the lastest Dr.DOS 75 or who knows. People bitched about windows but still used it and bought it in droves to replace all those other operating systems. Sure Bill used tactics and hard line business deals that tossed them to the side. But I always found windows to be the best in terms of choice in cards and peripherals and games and software. Then linux came along, perhaps if it came along earlier, things would also be different. But if MS wasn't MS, umm IBM would rule? Or what if IBM didn't license the ability to Microsoft to sell their software to other vendors? The PC clone would have never been born and we'd all be stuck with Big Blue or DEC mainframes with crappy IBM PCs. Compaq would have never come about and ruin DEC or merge with HP. It's crazy when you think about it. Mac probably would have won out and stuck with proprietary networking crap and we'd all be stuck with AppleTalk. lol.
    Microsoft provided open hardware standards, anyone could make something and build a driver for it.

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