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    Post New member - Question on deleting data


    Let me start off by thanking those who respond to inquiries.

    If a user is currently using software such as "Cyberscrub", how effective is it at erasing older files. I have read that there is another, more powerful tool, but I am somewhat taken aback by the cost, compared to the Cyberscrub. I tried searching for the other software but cannot find it because I cannot remember the entire name. At any rate, it is around $150.00 US.

    Any thoughts on the effectiveness of Cyberscrub compared to others?
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    Using the search function of this site I found that MemorY wrote a thread that explains 'CyberScrub'. That thread can be found HERE

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    here's another thread written by DeadAddict which should help as well. I have downloaded some of the free ones, but haven't used them yet. But some of them will overwrite the disk or file 35 times with zeros. That should just about make it hard to recover......


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    I haven't used PGP in a long time but as far as I remember, it had a function to erase files.

    It sounds like CyberScrub is a pretty good app though. It would have to be some pretty important stuff if you felt insecure with a "military-grade security application" (according to MemorY).

    I don't know much about this area but that's my 2 cents.


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    Please have a look at the "forensics" forum and tutorials "Groovicus" is a name to look for, he is very knowledgeable in this field.

    As you only asked about a product I cannot really comment as there are two basic reasons for this sort of software, and it is important you get the "right flavour"

    1. Software that removes temporary files, hidden files, MRUs and assorted internet detritus. Sort of "general housekeeping" utilities/applications.

    2. Security software that "securely" deletes selected files, folders and drives.

    Which is it that you are interested in?

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    You can get alot of secure file shredders for free over here-

    A shredder rewrites all sorts of data/encrypts over the file you want to shred, so you cant get it back. If you put it in the recycle bin and empty it, then the space that the file took is flagged, so data can be written over it.

    I have read that there is another, more powerful tool, but I am somewhat taken aback by the cost, compared to the Cyberscrub.
    It matters on how many times you write over the file. Think of it this way-

    You have a piece of string, and you dont want people to use the string. So you tie it into a knot. The people can still undo the knot and use the string, so what do you do? You keep knotting the string until its a ball.

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    Smile Thanks

    Thank you for the information. In answer to one question, the intent is to safely delete internet tracks, deleted records and so on. Nothing nefarious! In addition I have taken all the advice and follwed the links.

    Thank you for your valuable time.
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    I could send you a boot up floppy with a program that completely rewrites your hard drive with 1's and 0's. Over and over 10101010101010101010. Complete data destroyer. You should be able to find another such program online.
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