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Thread: help with diagnosis

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    sumdumguy is right,

    Yes, silver is electrically conductive, whereas the white gunk is not. You should be safe with the pins as you will install the processor first, so they will be protected. Just be careful not to get it on the motherboard.

    If you do clean it off very thoroughly with isopropyl alcohol (NO you may not drink some ) or trichoethylene 1-1-1. Use cotton buds/Q-tips.


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    ahhh it's good to have money.. hehe..
    yeah most likely it's just the heat that's causing it..
    having crucial memory isn't crucial.. lol
    but you'd be better off in the long run.

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    okay... this is officially the weirdest hardware problem ever.

    Update- Arctic Silver is installed. The problem had nothing to do with heat, and the temp utility I downloaded was wrong. I found that the motherboard I was using had a utility hidden on a cd, and that gave me a good reading. I ran some hardcore docmem and MS memory tests on my RAM, and they would give me odd results. One day, the memory would have tons of errors, the next day, it would be all clean. I decided to buy a new motherboard to test the memory in it because I am going to build another system anyways. I picked up a ASUS. I put all my cards into the new board, put in the XP cd to format, and what do you know-
    It says I have a bad CD (not the case, similar to my previous problems).
    I reboot, this time the install goes 100% smooth. I use the box for a few days, and occasionally during the boot, the ASUS bios would freeze (similar to my previous problems), or during the windows screen, a BSOD would flash and restart. So-
    After dealing with that for a few days, I decide to run my memory tests again. I run the tests, no problems. After a docmem burn-in test, I boot up the computer, and I don't see anything on the screen. I check the monitor, and the monitor is fine. I pull out the memory, and I still can't see anything on the screen while it boots, although it is thinking because the loading light blinks. While I am diagnosing, the video card starts making a grinding noise. I pull the agp card, and try a 32 meg ATI PCI video card in the top PCI slot.
    Still nothing on the screen when I boot.

    So, with no memory (rule out bad memory), and with both a AGP and PCI card, I cannot see what is happening when I boot. The monitor is fine (tested elsewhere).

    I am wondering if the AGP video card has been the problem this whole time. The card has a BIOS itself, and I can see it loading before the ASUS BIOS (well not anymore). I am wondering if that was causing my "possible" bad memory readings on the old mobo sparratically, as well as causing instability. But what makes me doubt this is that the new video card I put in is not showing anything either, although it is PCI, and not AGP.

    Thanks for reading, sorry for bringing up my old thread.

    Some quick questions if you don't want to read the whole thread-
    1. Does a mobo with a AGP slot require a AGP video card or can I use a PCI card
    2. Can a bad AGP video card effect how the mobo reads RAM?
    3. Are there any boot disks that can check a AGP card for suckyness?
    4. Why won't I get monitor output with 2 different video cards?

    btw im am finally going memory shopping after the next paycheck

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    1. It should work fine with a PCI card...

    2. Most definitly could cause problems... As they all have to go through the chipset and that might cause the problem...

    3. Probably is but I don't know of one... Best help I can offer here is www.google.com... someone is bound to have had your problem before.. hopefully.

    4. Something got fried?

    Hope this helps a little bit.. This is a hella crazy situation... I hope it never happens to me...
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