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    Post Fedora

    Don't seem to be many *NIX users around here [or at least they aren't posting]

    I'm curious to see how many [if anyone] in using Fedora

    I've been poking in and out of the #fedora channel in IRC and no one really talks
    so I am looking for people that have found security holes or utilities we need to
    include in the build

    So I'm starting a thread to get a Fedora discussion going

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    That's kind of a hit and miss. Fedora is relatively new and we have a fairly small population so any vulnerabilities may or may not be known. Perhaps a check of BugTraq or LinuxQuestions.org might be more helpful for something specific.
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    Did you try subscribing to any of the Fedora Mailing lists ?
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    Good Evening,

    Here's the latest Fedora Core 1 Updates:

    http://www.linuxcompatible.org/story26606.html (for xfree86)
    http://www.linuxcompatible.org/story26605.html (for Redhat-con)

    Found here:

    Also google is packed full of sites for Fedora. Just plug in Fedora Exploits and you can read till your eyes look like road maps....


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    Ive been using Fedora since it was a beta, It seems ok as the time being.
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    Don't seem to be many *NIX users around here [or at least they aren't posting]
    There are plenty people here that use Linux, and many that use Windows, many that dual boot, and many who use other OS' too. Ya just gotta get to know them. ;-)

    As for Fedora, it is now RedHat's "Home Linux Distrobution", since it was "discontinued" after RedHat 9, but RedHat didn't come up with Fedora, I'm not sure where the orginal product was from, I think RedHat just took over it as a community project, where RedHat, and Linux user world wide and contribute and help this distrobution (similar to many other distros) to grow and become powerful and easy to use.

    I've used Fedora Core 1 and it isn't that bad. A very RedHattish flavor to it (I wonder why? ;-)) but it wasn't that bad.


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    I am happy with it.
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    well I started using linux on redhat once (5.1 or something)
    Fedora does have some nice things to it (judging from what I read and heard about it..)
    but I think I'll stick to my current solution (see sig)
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    Good idea Relyt

    Never thought to throw 'exploits' as a search term

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