Need help, my internet explorer is messed up
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Thread: Need help, my internet explorer is messed up

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    Unhappy Need help, my internet explorer is messed up

    hi every one;
    i went to a website that messed up my internet explorer, every time when i turned on the internet explorer, it automatic took me to it's website. Man, i found out i got a program and that website changed my registry. i deleted the program, and changed back the registry, somehow i can only get my startpage right, but it still not worked out.
    i would appreciate your helps. thanks !!

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    Seems like anoher Cool Web Search trojan use CWShredder

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    If you haven't already done so, you probably should go through all the motions. Us the CWShreader as w0lverine indicated. Update your AV, Run spybot/adware removal type of software. You might want to even do a search and download a registry cleaner. And if everything else works fine, re-install IE.

    Spybot Search and Destroy.


    Hopefully helped some.

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    man, you guys are smart! i remember the name of that program was "coolwebprogram", i will try your ideas when i got home

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    IE is full of problems. Its most likely a trojan though. If you want a quality browser I'd recommend mozilla.
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    king download CWSshredder... and dont forget to either patch ur Microsft for its JAVA VIRTUAL MACHINE vulnerability.....

    Alternatively uninstall MS Java Virtual Machine and download one from Sun......

    Install Spyguard it will prompt u every time the browser settings change.....

    Also try installing hijackthis
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    Man, i found out i got a program and that website changed my registry.
    You can get regprotect to prevent this from happening.

    Spyware-Blaster prevents ad/spyware from being installed in the first place.

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    All very good advice.......

    Three points to remember:

    1. After the downloads, run the update facilities BEFORE bothering to run the applications, and take the opportunity to update your antivirus app.

    2. Reboot into safe mode and run them all.

    3. Now run will defragment your AV pattern/signature can only do that in safe mode because your interactive scan has the file object locked...........good for performance

    And...............CWShredder does not work if you have a browser window open, also some malware will defend itself if allowed to load, so safe mode is the best approach?

    Good luck
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