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Thread: System Files

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    That has happened to me. I think its just an error in windows. Try deleting something you don't need so that the recycle bin fills up. Then empty it. If that doesn't work, run scandisk. I t may be because of some bad sectors on the hard drive.
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    Yeah thats the first thing i tried. Still there. Im just damn curious why i dont see the damn dc1 folder or the damn video file. I even see the system protected files.

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    Two things -

    i was listening to music with winamp 5.1
    - Isn't winamp only up to V3 at the moment? :P

    and were you listening to music from the hard drive, or streaming it from an online source? If it's online, could it be something to do with copy protection. I'm not entirely sure how the recyle bin works in windows (for example, have you noticed that you have more space if you delete an item, but you can still restore it, therefore are you deleting the reference to the old item and creating a compacted version, or deleting the FAT entry and just 'hoping' the file isn't overwritten), but could it be that it's a reference to a sector which is treated as a buffer (therefore it changes so often as to be unreferable)?

    Also, when you looked in the folder, was the file still playing? If not could it have deleted the version?

    Oh yeah, finally, (hmmm, could have swore I said two things....) I noticed that the file name is "-tupac - hail mary (video).mpeg", which is blatantly not the original name, could the '-' be a switch? Maybe the file is running a dll through the bin? I presume it is the the recyle bin...

    Well, I'm not sure if this any of this is correct, but it's just a couple of ideas... I'll try and dig around a bit.

    Oooh, just had a look at the microsoft site -
    The Recycler folder is used only on NTFS partitions. The Recycler folder contains a Recycle Bin for each user that logs on to the computer, sorted by their security identifier (SID).
    Could it be that the folder was created with a SID that doesn't let you see it? For example an "allow system only" permission? I also found:

    The deleted file is renamed, using the following syntax:

    D<original drive letter of file><#>.<original extension>

    Examples (of a hidden file called Info or Info2 (Windows 98) in the Recycled folder):

    New file name:

    Dc1.txt = (C drive, second file deleted, a .txt file)

    INFO file path:

    Could you have a look in the 'hidden file' and see if there is an entry for Dc1? It looks like Dc1 was a folder (no extension... so it could be that or a file - maybe), and I'm just wondering if the way the program runs sound is by getting it all in one unfragmented (therefore plays faster) area, and then, as it'll have to delete it anyway, why not put it in the recyle bin, or was the file ever in another location, and then deleted?

    Well, I think that's enough what if's to ponder for one night!

    PS sorry for the lengthiness!
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    Version 5.02 of winamp is out

    I was listening music from my hard drive. Ok look, This is how it is. I had the video on my D drive. Then i was about to format the D Drive so i copied some files over to the C Drive. After i finished formatting i copied it back to the D drive and then after a while deleted it. Now here is the confusing part. I dont even kow why the file is in Recycler in the C drive, because it should be in the D Drive. In the C Drive i have like 7 Recycler folders, (i think because i had Windows XP couple of times on the C Drive and every time i formatted it a new folder created for the new user.) I just checked the D Drive, and there is only One recycler folder on it. It's empty. Now i think i might have had the video on my computer while i still had WIndows XP on the C drive installed, and when i deleted it, it went to the Recycler folder, and after that i began to install Win XP on the D Drive so the file just stayed there.

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    i know its cuz its tupac...eww. obviously windows creators didnt like him and rightfully so. but yeh...weird problem. i see i'm of no help now though...but one suggestion could be maybe use a disk viewer like clean disk security and check the contents of recycle bin...see what its like i dunno...just ramblin. mise well try it though.

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    Well the Recycle Bin doesnt have anything to do with the Recycler folders on the C drive now. I can delete those System Protected files because nothing i suing them, they are from earlier installations of windows.

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