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Thread: System running like Kucinich--slow.

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    As an aside, and because I completely forgot the first time around, my wife took her old hard drive, installed it in the new computer and reformatted it. Could that have anything to do with this?
    Depends on how she installed the drive. Did yo make it master or slave? What is the speed of the drive? If the speed of the drive is slow, then its not going to be blazing fast like the new disks are.

    Did you try to adjust the performance settings like I recommended.

    The svchost isn't a virus. Look at my link above.

    The virus is sCVhost.exe, not svchost... which, I didn't see it in your list.
    And, your AV didn't catch it...
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    I did adjust the setting as you pointed out earlier. There is an increase in the system speed.

    As for the other hard drive, it is a slave, older, but I don't think that was the problem. Thanks for the info on svchost - I feel much better now. I suppose I shall see how things go for a little while.

    Thanks to everyone.

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    this could also be a hardware problem ( memory).
    if you have two (or more) modules installed, check if they are the same brand, cl-time, and mhz's...
    nanya pc2100 cl2 266mhz, could cause problems with one with lower or higher speed, like pc2700 / pc3200.
    or with a module with a different cl-time...

    get the point?

    if this is all ok, then try running a memory test with this program:
    and let it run for about two hours ( it makes a linux bootdisk for you of which you need to boot to get the program running....)

    also, with all the things installed, i don't think it would be a bad idea to check if you must defrag your harddisk.

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    I'm always late on these threads. Jeez.

    Anyway, just though I'd drop my two cents.

    A few months ago I upgraded to NAV 2003, and my machine began to ran slow. Turns out, like I believe was stated earlier that NAV can be a resource hog, and it is indeed sometimes. I disbaled auto-protect in the systray and everything was fine. So just something you could try if you want.


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    Originally posted here by phishphreek80

    That doesn't have to be viral. If he has an AV scanner and its up2date, then the chances of it being viral are pretty slim.;en-us;250320

    ah, you edited your post...
    Yep yep, misread a entry...
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