Linux Kernel 2.6.3 Out
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Thread: Linux Kernel 2.6.3 Out

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    -Simon \"SDK\"

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    I'm already half way there to downloading it
    Thanks SDK, I never knew about the log file.

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    Is it a stable version? Anyway i am still trying to compile the 2.6.2....(dont have time to rtfm! because of f**king exams)
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    *Trying* to compile 2.6.2? What seems to be the problem? Compile went very smoothly for me.

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    Nice, time to update the server!

    That's what I love about linux, it's constant attention towards a better goal.

    Windows could learn a lot from that.
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    good news

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    -stays with his 2.4.x kernel- No reason I see to switch

    Windows could learn a lot from that.
    You mean like their patch releases, software upgrades, and higher distro releases? Wait, Windows does that too.

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    pooh, you forgot one item: bloat

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    devpon, you forgot one counter: configuration of all services, dependencies, kernel configurations, and program resource demands.

    All avalaible in windows. Bloat only exists if you do not understand the Windows OS.

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    I've been running it on a couple of boxes, and my shell server in user-mode Linux for a couple of days. It seems good.

    Nice to see a working crypto api and cryptoloop built in at last.


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