I'm doing a project basically on implementing a Honeypot in Window-based.

(I'm trying to follow the whole thing here)

I can't install Snort 2.1 (which i've downloaded from the net) into my Win2K OS.
Could be the windows that can't read the files. Or do I really need a Linux??? But i want
to do it all in Window-based.

I need help here. Can someone please advise? Please guide me.
I just need to build a honeypot and then i'll have do analysis based on ACID.
(means i'll need real time hacking and then i'll do the analysis)

I'm a newbie in this honeypot field although i know what honeypot is.(I read so much about it)
Besides i need to demo this project in my college lab.

Please....it really really URGENT...
Cheers mate!