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Thread: Confused about AntiPoints?

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    How come i haven't gotten many AP while i have written so many posts?
    Well...its not gonna get much better than linux!
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    Quality, not quantity.
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    The people who have read your posts have not felt that you deserved them. It's as simple as that. Generally, you'll get points when you answer questions well, or say something very meaningfull. Get it?

    AP's will come. You just have to be patient.
    Real security doesn't come with an installer.
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    Personally al1aprize, I am really suprised you haven't received a bunch of negative antipoints.
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    There is some really good guide lines to how to post on 'AO'. One by valhallen that is particually good is;
    Read this and you will have a great idea of what to do to get all the positive AP's you could want.
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    Try really, really hard not to be like this lady:</a>).swf

    The way it looks now... you are.
    You seem to treat this place like a chat room-
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    she looks scary. i hope i don't look like that if that's what u mean.
    Well...its not gonna get much better than linux!
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    hmmm...i received negpoint with statement "Lame" for this post:
    maybe someone has to balance his given points,
    so NEG ME.
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    how many points do u need to get a costum avatar
    :-) Raven :-)
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    sigh.... anyone???.... no.... ok

    first blackblood read this

    then read this to answer your question - its based on post count not points

    ok... read the FAQs first then we can save everyone this question... again

    Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes
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    Re: Confused about AntiPoints?

    Originally posted here by moxnix
    Antipoints are covered very well in the sit FAQ's at HERE , but I will attempt to explain some of the more confusing points.

    As a brand new member, you have been given 10 anitpoints. This is represented by 1(one) green dot, just under your site status (AntiOnline Newbie). Each dark green gif represents 100 antipoints. When You get over 100 then you will have 2 green dots.

    If you are negged then you will lose antipoints, and your dark green gif will fade to gray. If you gain enough negative antipoints your gif will turn red (As in 'WARNING'). Some where, at approximately 300 negative antipoints, you will be automatically banned.

    You gain antipoints by the quality( or lack there of) of the posts that you make. I will not go into how to make good post, as this has been covered excedingly well by other members (use the site search feature to find these).

    The multicolored bar above your nickname indicates the points that have been assigned to that paticualar post. It starts in the middle and goes positive or negative depending on what other members think of your post. The lable on this bar is 'POST ASSIGNED'.

    The multicolored bar ('USER TENDS TO ASSIGN') will eventually (after you gain approx. 50 positive antipoint) move from the far negative side (the default position) to actually indicate the type of antipoints you assign to others (either negative or positive with the middle being neutral).

    The value of the antipoints you can assign will vary with your own status. The more postive antipoints you have gained, means the more you will assign when you give another member either negative or postive antipoints. As a AntiOnline Newbie with less than 50 positive antipoints, the value will be zero. But your comments as to why you have assigned will be visible to the person you have assigned the antipoints to. Note: The comments actually mean more to most of us than the points, anyway.

    In the third block down on the left hand side of the main page is 'Member Functions'. You check the status of your antipoints in the 'AntiPoint Center'.
    # Private Messages
    # Site Subscriptions
    # AntiPoint Center &lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;
    This will tell you 'Your Antipoint Status', the 'Last 10 AntiPoints That You Have Received' and 'Last 10 AntiPoints That You Gave Out'.

    I hope this helps those of you that might be confused about the AntiPoint system.
    Please read the FAQ's Here
    Please use this sites 'Forum Search'.
    i am confused about this. i pointed my pointer on my bar "user tends to assign" and it said i had assigned equally neg and positive points. but i haven't assigned any? (that i was aware of....
    everything you say to me takes me one step closer to the edge:
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