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    Thats a very intutive explanation.
    To begin with i'm just a newbie, started learning the ins and outs of networking and ethical hacking.
    I would really appreciate if people here could assist in making my life easier but providing feedback and tutorials and stuff.

    Keep the great work going



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    this thread is an OLD thread.
    it would be better to post a new thread to ask your question in.

    the idea behind this thread was to put details on the whys and whathaveyous re:- anti-points. It was never really intended to be a place to reply TO, merely somewhere that you would LINK to ..............

    and welcome to AO
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    OLDER yes
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    sjslall: First, welcome to AO. I advise you read the site FAQ's and browse around before posting (it's something I advise all new members to do, so you know). Also, in this specific thread, we discuss if anyone is confused with our AntiPoints system. For more help on your question, may I suggest our Newbie Security Questions forum? Thank you, and again.. Welcome to AntiOnline!
    Space For Rent.. =]

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    how do create a post?

    ? how do i ask a question or start a post?

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    Go to main page (click AntiOnline logo at top left), select discussion forums from Site menu box, then select appropriate forum, then use post new button.

    Hint: Check out the dates on postings. If it's been over a year since the last post it's usually a good idea to not add anything further, just link to it if need be.

    P.S. See Foxyloxley's post, three above yours.

    P.P.S. May I extend greetings to welcome you to AntiOnline.

    P.P.P.S. Mod's - would it be a good idea to mark stickies as closed after they become stickies?
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    We could close stickies, but then people would just start new threads asking about the stickies (assuming that they know how to, that is ); I believe it's better that questions about stickies are asked within the sticky thread.

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    Ok Negative, that makes sense.

    It's refreshing to see a new user is actually reading the stickies!

    Maybe not well versed in discussion forums, but showing potential for being a worthy contributor to the community!
    Tomorrow is another day for yesterdays work!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nuesha View Post
    i dont get it. if 1 post we get 10 points? then if we have 100 points. we have 2 dots?

    so i need 10 points to get 100 points?
    Sigh when oh when is this freaking spambot going to be shown the door and perma banned from AO island?

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    Well since it's on the front page, and they aren't called antipoints any more, meaning the rules about asking for antipoints and forming antipoint alliances no longer apply (cause they aint called antipoints) CAN I HAVE SOME GREENIES PLEASE?

    NO RED only GREENIES. Reds really slash my online ego (Which I am very protective of) or is it my id. Get it ego, id...

    OH WAIT I remember what to do


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    I can give snotdots to Dino............. but not to Hybrid................ it's a bloody conspiracy I tell you............. I just knew that Obama fella was up to no good?

    Has he found the birth certificate yet?

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