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    When the console goes away, what happens to buffer overflows?


    You know, i was just doing some thinking today and i relized that if the console goes away, then we can't reroute STDIN/STDOUT any more, and that seems to extenguish remote shells and eliminate, at least, that asspect of Remote Buffer Overflows.

    i was just wondering what ya'lls thats were on the subject.

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    There is still a command shell. In windows, explorer.exe is the
    default command shell. It runs in graphics mode, and doesn't resemble
    a console based command shell, but I'd guess there are ways to exploit it.

    Internet explorer is also a full fledged command shell, and is also exploitable.
    I would imagine that even on the older mac os, which has no console, there
    is some analogy to stdin and stdout, and ways to exploit the system.

    And who says there going to do away with my console?
    I came in to the world with nothing. I still have most of it.

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    And who says there going to do away with my console?
    You never actually know with Microsoft. After all they suddenly decided to get rid of the boot into DOS feature. Which I actually found very usefull when wanting to edit DLL's that we're in use when Windows was running.

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