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    Wireless network security

    Could someone please provide me with a list of the most common wireless network security issues.
    I am very new to the computer security field and would like to know about the common security issues for wireless networks.
    Thanks in advance.

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    check out www.wi-foo.com lots of useful wireless testing tools.

    The main issues are going to be access control and data protection.
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    Basic security issues

    - Position of your Base Point.
    - Base Point with standard username/password. Solution: change it!
    - Base Point with standard SSID. Solution: change it!
    - Base Point with broadcasting SSID. Solution: change it!

    These are the first steps you should take. Keep in mind though that the gain of security from these three basic steps is probably only a mere 1%.

    Next steps/issues

    - WEP: Basics and security issues
    - MAC-address based ACLs (Access Control List): set up your network so that only trusted MACs can connect.
    - VPN over Wi-fi

    For more info on MAC-address based ACLs/VPN over wifi: It's all over Google

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    re: wi-fi vulnerabilities

    I personally find the Cisco SAFE blueprint for wi-fi an extrememly excellent resource. Although written by Cisco, i don't believe it exhorts the virtues of using their devices. Rather, it covers the entire spectrum of a 802.11 defense-in-depth strategy.

    Here's the link:




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