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Thread: MicroSoft TechNet Briefing - Orlando FL

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    I went to a TechNet Briefing in Orlando Florida about two days ago. Not only are these meetings free they are very informative. I would reccomend you look for one in your area just to check it out one time. They hand out free bags off goodies at the end. I got a free version of VirtualPC, a pretty new exciting piece of software. They also provided me and my peers with a nice breakfast. Overall I rate the expierence a 9 out of 10 only becuase some of the information was not relevant to what we were studying in school. But thats my teachers fault.
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    yeah you should try the TS2 Briefing. they give out good **** there like Windows 2003 Small Buis. Server, and im not talking eval either. But you need to tell these people how they can get free **** too so heres how. go to www.microsoft.com/events and register for the next meeting. Dress nicely because is is ment for executives.

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    Originally posted here by Ghost_25inf
    Dress nicely because is is ment for executives.
    And i'm sure that they arn't gonna get suspicious if a group of Younger Adults rock up dressed in suits??
    But what are the "skiddies" gonna wear, they carn't afford suits, as they still live with there Mommy's and Daddy's and they won't let them go because they gotta go to school??
    And they carn't miss out cause they gotta get there FREE cd's so they can take 'em home and try and crack 'em with sub7 and other lamor programs.


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    Re: MicroSoft TechNet Briefing - Orlando FL

    Originally posted here by ddc
    I got a free version of VirtualPC, a pretty new exciting piece of software. [/B]
    new? i suggest you do your research

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    What I think he meant was that it was something that he has never used before. That is what he probably meant when he said "new."

    But since some people like to critizice and not think about what he was trying to say.....

    I suggest you learn how to read ...
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