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    Agreed Flaming, while none of us really know how it will be implimented... we all understand how bad it can go, or how good it can go. For instance, in your idea if they store it in RAM (even onboard) then we have a problem of people altering that memory directly, and thus bypassing the chip security completely to compromise the RAM. What then? Secure RAMę? (I said it first!!! I herebye claim ownership to the title Secure RAMę! If used, send me $0.05 for royalty fees. If found in volation I will threaten you, claim you stole my source code, fail to produce my own source code, and then call you 3rd grade names)

    Let's just hope they give it some thought before finalizing the chip.

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    XD pooh sun tzu, I think Secure RAM would be a great idea. It'd be so easy to make. Just take normal memory and coat the metal contacts with plastic. Nothing can get in. I can see it now, the slogan would be: "Not even the most sophisticated worms can infect our RAM."

    *silently sends pooh sun tzu $0.05 for royalty charge through paypal*
    Is there a sum of an inifinite geometric series? Well, that all depends on what you consider a negligible amount.

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    I like that, coat them with plastic And then add the "Child protection" cap on the actual RAM itself, that way it can't be physically altered if some evil A0L KiDd33 gets their hands on it. While we are at it, we should include "Warning, parts of equipment may be harmful to infants and pose a choking hazard", which would ward most viruses off because they RTFM and will remember to stay away from it, lest they choke.

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    I found a few more articles, and it seems that SP2 for Windows XP will allow these protections. So I guess we don't have to wait too long to see this. Just get SP2 and an Athlon 64 / Opertron CPU and have some fun... Obviously, they have been working on this for quite a while though...

    AMD, Microsoft pair up for security (Feb 25, 2004):

    AMD, Intel put antivirus tech into chips (Jan 8, 2004):

    -Sekure Rham

    Okayokay... $0.05...

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    Does this mean I would have to take you to court for "similar name usage" that could put my company in jeopardy, because of possible customers confusing your name with mine? Or does this mean I have to buy you out and then call you OpenLinux? Man.... buisness politics are so confusing :X

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