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Thread: Any reccomendations for a Spyware/Adware killer/stopper?

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    both are try before you buy...altho i dont know too much about them, they've done what i paid them to no worries here(might i add internet security software like norton internet security pro?) here are the links for spywareblaster, spy killer, and trial software from symantec (i havent figured out the correct way to pronounce that yet)
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    I'm also searching for a spyware solution for multiple pc's that is managed or run from the firewall, proxy server or whatever. I'm trying out Pest Patrol Corp Edition V5. and I am not a fan so far. The product works for the most part, but it is clumsy to administer and the support thus far is less than stellar (no phone number for support, email only, that takes at least a day to get a response from). I am also test driving websense. It is a web filter, but they also have add ons for security, bandwidth and adware. Very promising, support is great, relatively easy to use, no client footprint. The only real downside is that it is expensive for 750 users it will run us about $14k plus a decent server. If you find anything, please post.

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    itsupportcenter, check out this thread:

    Jason1977 recently posed the exact same question, so check out MsMitten's suggestion in that thread.

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    I have found spyblaster is an add-on that you have to have.

    Kills active x controls that none of the others get.

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    i myself swear by spybot s&d, but it doesn't have a main control center or anything. you can run it at startup, and it has a background process that supposedly catches spyware. i try to stay away from sites that would normally have spyware/malware and/or any virii/trojans. Yeah... totally free, too. gotta love free!

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    I dont know about Ad-Ware, but I am currently using "spybot search and destroy" anmd weebroot spy sweeper, i find both of them very useful, give them a try, go to and searc them, G luck

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    Interestingly enough, hardly anyone is answering the man's question. heh.
    He is asking for a 'commmercial' software that can be used in a multi-PC environment with real-time scanning and stuff. heh heh heh

    Adaware, Spybot S&D and Spysweeper work great, and they co-exist well. I use all three of them, because.. well about 7 different people use my home PC. They usually end up catching stuff the others miss. Keeps my PC fairly clean, I must say.

    Additionally, is anyone following this thread?
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    Check for 'McAfee AntiSpyware'. I haven't used myself but heard a lot about it. Check it and plz then tell us about that.

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