Tiger Shark

Everyone whines like 9 year olds that M$' security sucks..... M$ does someting about it..... Everyone bitches that it will either be :-
a. Useless
b. be monopolistic and force others out of business.

I for one disagree with m$ and some it's security practices. But I am happy to say I'd rather see patches coming out, rather than no patches at all. From what I know about m$ software, there is a difference involved in the owning process of it. *nix (whichever you like) while some are rock solid from day one, are different in many aspects from what I have knowledge of. While someone here once told me that if I based everything on what I know the world get mighty small mighty fast. So I'll just say this.

M$ presented a piece of software for the norm. It had a pretty interface, sounds and blinking lights. Those whom didn't know anything about computers suddenly had a $1500 deck of cards, and a machine to auto deal solitare. They captured a group of folks whom normally wouldn't have a computer. Add in the internet, email, and lots of other stuff. Suddenly the end user out numbers the good Admin 1000 to 1. They had a very good idea for business. But failed to have foresight for the future. Their ideas we're driven by money, not a desire for knowledge and the growth thereof.

Now they are actually trying have sp's and patches that take care of those folks whom don't care if they have the blaster as long as they can read their email. They are infact a bit monopolistic. However other software companies are still out there. M$ just has a dominate hold on the market, and this will remain true for sometime. All great powers will fall. If not for M$ what would you have to bitch about? openBSD not secure enough for you?

let's close this thread and replace it with something of some real value.

my $.02