Dear AntiOnline Administrators and Moderators,

I was very pleased to have found your site, knowing little about computer security, and found your users very helpful--I appreciate all the help that they have offered plus they are very respectful not to mention patient with my small knowledge. I am hoping to stay around this site a long time because of the great members, whom I fully respect. Having said this, it is very unfortunate I have had an unexcusable incident here.

I was very busy this week and was not able to post or visit for several weeks. I finally got a break from a tense day, and promptly decided to visit your site, which has always been a very enjoyable exception to my day. I was extremely dissapointed and upset when I logged in because I found a message telling me that my behaviour was unnacceptable! I have done nothing but ask questions so that I could help my friend fix up an unfortunate problem with a hacker, ask about my IM, and attempt to offer some advice designed to help users prevent hackers from using a social engineering attack.

I am not quite sure what is going on here, but I feel that this is unexcusable for such a respected site. Although my experience with the members has been a pleasant one, I can not tell you how upsetting this was. I feel that this MUST be worked out for me and future or current users of AntiOnline.