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    you better start learning stuff, then worrying about your antipoints...
    and sometimes, these antipoints teach you good...
    like last few antipoints taught me good stuff... like, never mail just to say that you agree... n elaborate stuff if you wrote some tutorial etc.... n i m thankful for those negative antipoints...

    look the things from good view!! thats what i can say!!
    Now is the moment, or NEVER!!!

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    yeah don't worry about it. "respectable site" it is, house of temperence it is not. So it's not all that bad when some maniac gives you some neggs, try to take advantage of the situation: see yourself through a maniac's eyes

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    Did you noticed the last post date...its 2004 and even the post starter has been banned, so whom you are giving this advice.
    One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man!

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    With the greatest respect Mr. kassianik

    You are responding to a thread where the last post was some two and one half year's ago..............

    If the date at the top is "flashing" it generally means that it is past its sell by date

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    Yada Yada, what everyone else said, i just wanted to be included in telling the n00bie to not post in outdated threads.

    naughty naughty shame on you

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    okay, okay....
    sorry about that, it's just that I'm acquainted with Nielsosky,
    Dissapointing that he got banned,

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