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    Originally posted here by knightstmplr1
    ShadowDaemon777 WildTangent and how do i get rid of it. wild tangent is a grouping of games some online some off line as i believe ...spybot 1.2 reports this as spyware/adware...usually found in windows millenium edition ....to get rid of ...click start...settings ...control panel....add/remove programs....then scan down till you see wild tangent ...click on wild tangent ...then click add/remove button to eliminate it completely from your system....hope this helps you ....knightstmplr1@msn.com

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    i forgot to ask if your usuing an hp computer with bundled software which in mine did include the wild tangent gameing formats ....my computer is a hp pavillion 9795c running windows me ....if your not into gaming etc please by all means follow the instructions to delete wild tangent as did i ....if you wish to keep those games ...than install a good firewall such as zone alarm which you can get as a freebie from cnet.com ....or if your usuing verizson dsl with the westell 2200 modem/router ....just call verizon to get their instructions on how to access their site to configure their device to be used as a hardware firewall which ive found to be extrememly effective after testing their device on pcpitstop.com...feel free to email me if more info is neccessary ....robb ....knightstmplr1@msn.com

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    I agree with all the others. To fight this. First place a Firewall on your computer. Sorry, I don't agree with Zone Alarm. It is not flexible enough to know what is good for you and what is not. For a more flexible Firewall, download Sygate Personal Firewall. If you install it, you do not need to do anything to have good service. To have great service, you can customize it for your own needs and only allow whom you want in or out of your computer. Also, great to battle the Crackers.

    After you do that, uninstall all software that you do not like. If it is not possible, terminate or block with the firewall. This also works great with some pesky pop-ups.

    This firewall is also great with networks because you can specify ports, IP ranges, MAC addresses, and more. Like the saying goes. Kill two birds with one stone. Instead, Kill as many birds as you can with one FIREwall. We are going to have bird jerky tonight.

    Don't forget to get rid of that pesky Gator.com program. It's annoying.
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    Wildtangent is bundled with the new version of AIM.

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    I definately agree with InfoStranger with the Sygate firewall. I use it along with
    Ad-aware6, Spybot Search and Destroy and Norton 2004 internet pro. They all seem
    to work well together and i never get any pop-ups whatsoever. Most important is to
    keep them all up-to date with the latest definitions and scan your computer often.
    For a computer newby like myself, i like the ease of use and confidence these programs
    provide. Hope this helps..... cheers TidaLphasE23

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    Sorry, I don't agree with Zone Alarm. It is not flexible enough to know what is good for you and what is not. For a more flexible Firewall, download Sygate Personal Firewall.
    What is good and what is not?

    1. It automatically blocks ALL ports by default
    2. Anything that wants to access the net pops up and asks for your opinion
    3. Configuration of that choice is kept
    4. Finetune ruleset is offered, based on program name, port, protocol, ip, host etc etc. that you decide and can add or delete at any time
    5. Finetuned hostcontrol is offered, that you can add or delete at any time.

    How on earth did you get that Zonealarm is making the choices when every single part of it's configuration and use requires your input, choice, and opinions? On a lesser note, the firewall should never make choices for you, as you should be the one knowing what is going in and out, what is allowed and denied. Much better responcibility control that way because you understand what is going on.

    This isn't a "my firewall is better than yours" argument. But don't say Zonealarm acts a certain way when in reality, it acts completely different.

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