I thought you guys might like this... I am DaKlutz

09:13 PM <daklutz> welcome josh
09:13 PM <josh49504> hey i just made a room named insane will ppl plz join it and tell other ppl to go it
09:14 PM <josh49504> and like get it out to other ppl
09:14 PM <josh49504> oh yea im josh im a 16/m/mi
09:14 PM <Jane> wb John
09:14 PM <daklutz> thanks jane
09:14 PM <daklutz> josh, please dont spam us
09:14 PM <josh49504> i wont
09:14 PM <josh49504> im new
09:14 PM <daklutz> ok
09:14 PM <josh49504> :d
09:14 PM <Jane> hi josh
09:15 PM <josh49504> hi
* docbob sets josh49504 on ignore
09:15 PM <Jane> insane huh? how appropriate to the way I have been feeling lately
09:15 PM <daklutz> lol, jane
09:15 PM <josh49504> well f**k you to docbob
09:16 PM <Jane> be nice to Bob, he's a good guy
09:16 PM <josh49504> have any of you ever here of icp
09:16 PM <daklutz> yes, josh, and i dont like them
09:16 PM <josh49504> well he just put me on ignore
09:16 PM <josh49504> why
09:16 PM <josh49504> they rule
09:16 PM <daklutz> you were spamming the room and we dont do a/s/l here
09:17 PM <josh49504> asl
09:17 PM <josh49504> age sex location
09:17 PM <daklutz> we dont do that here...this is a learning room
09:17 PM <josh49504> thats not a spam
09:17 PM <daklutz> no, but asking us to visit your room is
09:17 PM <daklutz> most of us are college students, so we come here to help eachother out
09:17 PM <josh49504> i just want ppl to no i have one
09:17 PM <daklutz> we dont have time to chat in many rooms
09:18 PM <daklutz> thats fine....you are free to chat here
09:18 PM <daklutz> but, politeness counts...
09:18 PM <daklutz> ie, no swearing....spamming, etc..
09:18 PM <daklutz> just common courtesy...
09:18 PM <ranro> do you go to school josh
09:18 PM <daklutz> if you have something to add, you are welcome...
09:19 PM <josh49504> well as long as no one ignores me because of a asl or be's an ass to me ill be nice
09:19 PM <daklutz> that was not why you were ignored...
09:19 PM <daklutz> you were ignored because of the spam....
09:19 PM <daklutz> its not tolerated....
09:19 PM <daklutz> dont worry, now you know
09:19 PM <josh49504> asking ppl their asl and to join my room is not spaming
09:19 PM <Jane> however we do know a couple of teenage girls who might like to chat in your room
09:20 PM <daklutz> it is concidered that here...
09:20 PM <josh49504> i no im a person that no's how to spam
09:20 PM <daklutz> true jane
09:20 PM <josh49504> and hack
09:20 PM <josh49504> so that was not a spam
09:20 PM <josh49504> trust me i no
* daklutz will not argue....
09:20 PM <daklutz> just follow common courtesy, or you will be ignored....
09:21 PM <daklutz> thats all
09:21 PM <josh49504> who would like to chat in my room
09:21 PM <Jane> we know you didn't mean any harm .. Jolly was just explaining
09:21 PM <josh49504> i come in rooms to chat not to be told what to follow or this will happen
09:22 PM <josh49504> ppl that tell me what to follow in the room are ass's
* daklutz wonders is Josh knows that everyone here is studying in the field of computers and that daklutz is a security guru and that he already has josh's ip address
09:23 PM <josh49504> im sure he has my ip address
09:23 PM <Jane> you must be a teenager
09:23 PM <josh49504> yea i am
09:23 PM <josh49504> im 16
* daklutz mutters no wonder
* daklutz mutters....another skiddie
09:24 PM <josh49504> dakluts can kiss my ass and burn in the 7th layer of hell
09:25 PM <Jane> not a very well mannered 16 year old at that
* daklutz hopes josh has a good firewall..... better yet...better pull the plug on the comp and update his box
09:26 PM <daklutz> its full of holes
09:26 PM <josh49504> whatare you going to do f**k with my comp
09:27 PM <Jane> joshie, if you can't behave in a civil manner, maybe you had better go to the asylum
* daklutz listens to the angels and the devils on his shoulders...
09:27 PM <josh49504> i have hacker friends all over the country so dont f**k with me
09:27 PM <josh49504> dont call me joshie
09:27 PM <Jane> ok sweetie
09:27 PM <daklutz> /ponders a ddos attack that allows him to root the box and turn it into a zombie
09:27 PM <josh49504> or i will hack your comp
09:28 PM <Jane> most of us here have kids your age
* daklutz thinks....yup another skiddie
09:28 PM <josh49504> or sweetie
09:28 PM <ranro> joshie, didn't you used to sing with the pussycats.
09:28 PM <ranro> Oh sorry that was Josie
09:28 PM <daklutz> josh, just to let you know, Im installing a rootkit on your box now
09:28 PM <daklutz> you might want to wipe all the porn off of your drive before your mom sees it.
09:28 PM <josh49504> f**k you jackass your lucky i dont no where you r or i would kick your ass your peace of nigger ****
09:29 PM <josh49504> i dont have porn
09:29 PM <josh49504> dump f**k
09:29 PM <josh49504> dumb
09:29 PM <josh49504> ***
* daklutz thinks that we need to blog this
09:29 PM <ranro> I am beginning to think bob was the smart one by ignoring this guy
09:29 PM <ranro> I agree
* daklutz sets josh49504 to ignore
09:30 PM <josh49504> well im out
09:30 PM <josh49504> see ya preps
09:30 PM <ranro> bye josh
09:30 PM <daklutz> just one more thing, joshie..... just remember, there is always someone better than you out there....no go patch your frappin box