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    Unhappy Yet another chapter in the DDoS attacks

    Net-Integration forums have been taken off the net as a result of the last round of DDoS attacks, thought to be part of the same attack that took SWI offline earlier this month. Here's a quote from Eagle1, the owner of Net-Integration, posted at SWI.

    All I know is I'm really tired and can't financially afford to fight anymore.

    All I wanted was a small to medium sized place that helped people with computers and the Internet and that maybe a few might want to hang out at. Instead I've been finacially and emotionally drained and good folks are being denied their access.

    I don't know how you're doing it financially or emotionally Mike. Cause I sure can't anymore. I'm broke.
    It's truly sad when the people who seek to ruin our computers and deny us unfettered access to the Net are in a position of winning. It breaks my heart.

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    What type of DDoS is it?

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    I don't know pooh sun tzu. They are holding this close to the vest, probably due to the ongoing investigation. The FBI is involved in this as well. The people in the know at these forums are keeping most of the details to themselves, but whatever it is it seems to be a very effective DDoS (personally I'm not very well versed in types of DDoS attacks) involving many, many zombies.

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    I'm waiting for a response from someone in the UK. I believe he/she might have a zombie on their PC. HOPEFULLY . Pooh, its a distributed DDOS attack. seriously, I dont see the fun in ruining someone else's life. Its probably because i've gone through so much **** in my life already that I dont enjoy the misery of others.

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