Let me say something right now, if you don't want to hear me bitch and complain, then press the back button right now.

I warned you.

What is wrong with this world? I was just on GoogleNews, and how much happy news did I see? How much "Baby does amazing thing" stories, or "A solution to world hunger" stories did I see? None. It was all war this, depressing that, someone was killed. Has anyone writing this, or better yet, anyone commanding this, ever stopped to think for one goddamn minute to see what they are doing to this world? Not only is it affecting the people's family you are murdering, but it is affecting the country, the region, the people that live there, and closer to home, you and me. In this world filled with greed, money means everything. Money means power, power means you can do whatever you want, whenever you want, "and can't no one tell me different." So how about people making decision stop and think for 5 minutes about what they are doing to this world, to their family, to their friends, to their country, to the people they are killing.

Here's something logical for you. Saddam Hussein gassed Kurds in Iraq, a couple of years later, George W. Bush decides he won't stand for that, after the Twin Towers where destroyed by "evil-doers", mainly being Osama Bin Laden, and he somehow find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, but when they send forces in, tons and tons of weapons are gone, disappeared, evaporated, where stolen by aliens. So, what does he do in an attempt to stop the gassing, and the terrorism in the world? He decides to bomb Iraq! It's logical isn't it? Isn't it? Yeah, it didn't make sense to me either.

More rambling now, would it kill huge news corperations to put some happy news, to atleast not make it seem like their trying to depress the entire ****ing world? There is happy things happening.

Anyways, I forget what else I was going to say.

Peace (hopefully)