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Thread: Microsoft Windows

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    you guys need a mac

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    People hate windows because it is closed source. Open source software is the way to go. No more having to pay for things, and you can edit the kernel if you are up to it. Also, i dont see too many viruses or worms for linux. I understand why there are no worms and viruses for linux, its becuase the average joe uses windows. Im sure if more people went to linux there would be more viruses and security holes. But the thing i hate windows for is being closed source. But i also understand that open source software usually doesnt make as much money. This is all my opinion so, if you disagree then you are entitled with your opinion.

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    can we get some kind of rule on AO that OS v OS discussions are not allowed as they never seem to get anyway? And discussions that start out as something else but end up being OS v OS should be brought to a halt, or steered back on track.

    The bottom line is that all the OS's have good and bad things about them, and they all can be used for a wide variety of jobs, and whichever one you use is fine, and accept that others are going to disagree with your view and so what?

    How about that if you do want to state which OS is better you need to proove why from a technical point of view? i.e. if you think Windows is unreliable then say how why and when, and if you think Linux sucks then say how why and when, or say why you think one is better for a particular role and back this up with facts and figures.


    We seem to be in this neverending cycle of these damn OS posts.
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    I understand why there are no worms and viruses for linux, its becuase the average joe uses windows. Im sure if more people went to linux there would be more viruses and security holes.
    Boy have you got a lot to learn... linux holes exist. Ever hear of a root kit?
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    yeah, i didnt mean there werent holes, im just saying if there were more people on linux, there would be more exploits for it. Not trying to argue with you.

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    Angry resentment

    [B]simple: because newbs come here and see the ultra soopah l337 h4x0r senior members that dont like windows and assume to become an ultra soopah l337 h4x0r they have to go along with it and bash windows.

    i am sorry but i resent this comment just because some one is a newb dosent mean that they dont have knoledge of both linux and windows
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    ms windows

    i think Ms windows is more user friendly
    i'm glad that they ALWAYS HAVE A PATCH
    i rather know that microsoft is working hard and finding new patches for NEW viruses everyday!

    theyre' goin to be more new viruses along the way...and that's why u have to come up with a new patch!

    i also like linux...when i installed linux i scanned it for ports open and saw only a couple

    when i installed xp i noticed more than a few.....

    they both have their flaws...

    but the reason why nix kicks arse is cuz the hundreds of programs it comes with!
    NMAP! the one for xp has no GUI!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the reason most SUPER DOOPER ELITE OVERGROWN SCRIPT KIDDIES (sr. members) is because they work with computers everday..and they can almost tell that ms wont be around very long.........and that works for any product and anything..........windows is for people who are just learnin about computers....the real deals is the nix


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    Microsoft will be around for long, they're not slowing down at all. Longhorn production is going along good, and will include some nice features along with it, as well as a nice looking GUI. That is the point I am trying to make. I've used computers since I was 3, and I grew up using Windows, and yes, it's had it's problems, but Microsoft has always over come them, havn't they? Windows is hardly for leanring to use a computer, there are many, many advanced tools that come along with Windows (that so called "bloat") that are really usefull. I've been using a computer for most of my life, and while I do use other operating systems than the ones made by Microsoft, I still use Windows quite abit. As for the patching issue:

    BUT (always a but) are you sure they release patches to make you safe? or to protect themselves from bad publicity? Does redhat do this? do Sun do this? I fear they all are in some way motivated by the fact that they want to continue to turn a profit, so thats partially why we get patches, economics in action, if MS (redhat, or sun) could get away without releasing security pacthes then would they?
    There is no way any computer company that develops a top of the line, bag name product can get away with not releasing patchs, it is virtually impossible. They would loost customs, lose money, loose trust, etc. They do it becasue their smart, they do it becasue it keeps their customers happy, they do it so other people don't have to, and they do it becasue their own systems run Windows.


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    Windows has now just taken out comp pretty much so im gunna go with windows i don't care how **** it is but my base machines run on linux and my work comps work on windows, theres no way i can just stick to one os and windows is fine as long as you are constantly downloading paches, updates, bying new versions, expanding hard ware, seeing it crash all the time, got loads of time to fix problems, not being able to edit the "heard core" source and having to phone the suport team for trivial stupid **** that any idiot can work out. Im going for linux all the way. MS make your $ but not from me any more.

    One more thing long horn, 64 bit? come on!!!!!!!!! what you chattin bout you will just bring out 128 a year later and make a load more mony. any way nuff of my moan! Bill can't wait for you to reap your fair share of crap!
    Who am i to question your motive?

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    I understood about 2 sentances from the above post

    "I like windows and linux"

    "Cows are purple"

    Does anyone else think that while this thread stating out fine, it's gone down hill and simply needs to be closed?

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