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Thread: Creating a Form that sends a e-mail to my inbox?

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    Creating a Form that sends a e-mail to my inbox?

    Hey guys, Im new here. I was just wondering if any of you could help me out?

    I want to have a form on my site where people fill in the blanks and when they hit Submit it sends me a e-mail with the infomation they enterd.

    Thanks for reading/helping.

    - Simon

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    Thumbs up here we go....

    lot lof remote hosted scripts for that exists nowadays now here are my favourites.(free)

    1.HTML Gear-they have that remotely hosted comment script. They would supply you everything. All you have to is write down your email add (hidden from public) then choose an icon, copy and paste code to your website. No adverts except the small get gear below the icon.

    2.CGISpy-has a very nice email feedback form but was closed due to abuse.

    3.BRAVENET-well if you dont mind pop-ups and ads Bravenets feed back forms are good.

    4.FIDO7-if you dont mind a lousy interface.

    5.Hosted Scripts-not bad.

    well thats all I know. Having a guest book in your site is also nice..heres a very good one, no adverts, free with awesome features, (remote host) Whois Online

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    well i hope that would help! if you dont find what youre looking for just post it here.

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