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    CXGJarrod thanks for point out the screen shoot. i hope i never run accross one that bad. ive seen some that approach it but not quite.

    almost forgot the topic. in recommending one or the other i prefer adaware but recommend spybot s&d because the free version has a reg protector where it is only available in the full version of adaware
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    I prefer spybot. I have a low end machine and everytime I would use ad-aware it would find all the problems, but I would have to take like ten things off at a time or my computer would lock up. spybot got rid of everything in one shot no problems at all.
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    I would suggest running in safe mode, particularly on low end machines.

    Also look at SwatIT!................takes a long time to run, but finds stuff the others don't

    I think that these "either ,or" type discussions are rather like Windows vs *nix..........pretty inconclusive and rather futile?...........and it is freeware in the main?

    I discussed the matter with my virus writing tomcat earlier (some of you may remember him?)

    I attach his enthusiastic response


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    I tested pest patrol over spybot search and destroy and adaware

    Pest patrol is better than both of the programsi tried .you'll see what I meen try it its the best

    so I recommend you use pest patrol and spybot search and detroy

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    something for folks that are new to all of this,
    just got done checking out the screenshots above, and it brought back some great memories.
    I suppose that getting my browser hijacked is what got me to learn as much as possible
    about IT, problem is, you figure one thing out, there is a zillion more things to learn.

    I'll be busy for a few centuries now. Anyway, I use AdAware and SpyBot together, they really do work well together, but I'd like to reccommend one more app, "SpywareBlaster".
    It seems to fill in a gap that the first two apps miss, like blocking the 'Ave. A' cookie.
    Between the trio I have not experienced a single problem. Adding my software firewall and Vscan app, I feel that I have a solid defense. (Patches included).
    It did take some time learning how to configure the firewall, with all the various apps and programs wanting to call "home". Plus I have two NICs, so once in a while I get alarms from the promiscuous NIC, which doesn't see the Internet and is their only for testing a lab set-up.

    So, in essence I just want say that it is not good enough to just install these tools. You have to get to know them, play with them and tweak a little. Also, don't forget the settings you can tweak, or rather choose, in your browser, like ActiveX and scripting.
    Am I completely safe? No, probably not. Neither do I want to build such a wall, that I can't get out myself. Gotta play and surf....


    PS. update, update, update....

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    I use ad-aware because if I tell my friends I use something that's called "spybot search and destroy" they think I'm playing an old and childish alien robot bashing game.
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