Does anyone know how to change the default location (C:\Documents and Settings) for the Documents and Settings folder.
On a side note, I've installed XP on non C: drives many times and it's always run without a hitch. I do it whenever I want to test something.

I wouldn't ever touch the changes for My documents or C. Sure sure, one less thing the hacker knows off the bat, but let's be serious here. Alteration of a core configuration (such as documents and settings) is about as dangerous as switching /etc to /littledoggie on a UNIX system. While it may be possible through 3rd party tools, I simply don't recommend either, and here is why:

1. Any unexpected side effects, no matter how small or large, are still unexpected. By removing core features of how the OS works you can no longer depend on the OS to work as it was intended. While it may seem fine through testing, it would take years to discover each and everything correct/incorrect with that change. It's safer to have an OS you can predict and know how it works versus a variable anomoly in which we have to guess at it's safe preformance.

2. If an intruder learns C is in fact not the windows critical system, it is not a large deal for him/her to figure out it's on another partition, and thus simply change a single letter.

All in all, it's a trust factor versus an experimentation factor. I will simply stick to leaving the base OS exactally how it is, and working to secure it, rather than changing that base OS functionality and then wondering if it is still as secure.

Sun Tzu teaches us that once we know the terrain of the battlefield, it is yet another grasp upon victory. If we choose to alter that terrain from it's origonal state, we can no longer trust in the stability of that terrain, while also instantly alerting the enemy that someone here has changed the landscaping, and lies in wait. This slides the advantage into the hands of your enemy, because no longer will they go uncautiously into a battlefield in which they know you can not trust.