I am having problems in installing win2k prof in my pc. Would appreciate if u guys could help me out. I have a DIY PC - PIII 1Ghz, 512 of ram and installed with win98. I wanted to upgrade to Win2k prof and had purchased an OEM version of the software. I had fdisked my previous hard disk and tried to installed the Win2k. During the installation i had formatted the hard disk as NTFS. The problem came when i tried to key in the CD key of the product. It said that "Invalid Product Key". i am really baffled by this. anyway i tried to install into another new hard disk and i am getting the same error. A friend of mine passed me his Win2k upgrade version. So i had to reinstall win98 into the hard disk and slotted in the Win2k Cd and tried to upgrade. The same error is occuring. Could anyone tell me if i had done anything wrong, or is there any setting in the Bios that i have not checked. By the way i have also just upgraded my bios. (The installation error had happened in both the pre upgrade of my bios and after the bios upgrade).
Would appreciate if u guys could sought this out.
thks a million