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Thread: The Future Of Ordering Pizza

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    muert0: Yes, it's in the Winter 2003-2004 issue. The one that should be on the stands right now. Just go to a bookstore and hang out and read a few articles, specifically that one. It's quite interesting, IMO.

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    Can you pm me the SSN article. I read a number of stuff on this topic. However I do not have the resources (no car or CC) to access a 2600 lol.. Sounds wierd, but if you could, that'd be nice.



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    Originally posted here by muert0
    my mom orders her groceries online and they deliver them to her front door.
    -- This is laziness as we know it. Just imagine a world where you don't even need to leave the house. I get on Adult Finder to find a romp, jump on adam and eve for a package of condoms, order a meal from who knows where and stop and shop will deliver the extras. We have a delivery package store in my town for the beer and wine. Maybe order an outfit a couple days ahead because this won't be delivered same day and if I am missing anything (prove to me I can't order it online somehow....

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    Is 2600 worth reading from a whitehat perspective? I dont really care about malicious hacking or skiddie tools, I wouldn't trust myself even if I did. Does it offer Whitehat commentary?

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    omg, that is sooo funny! lol.... Hey in the future who knows whats possible :S
    Kinda scary, but eventually who knows what will happen

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    In India we do not have any concpet of social security number.. I guess nor can we afford to with the type of population we have.....

    In my opinion the Future Pizza gave us a glimpse of various initiatives taken by few companies like Microsft (using its passport) , Novel using in NDS etc etc. I remember of a law which was in a process to be formed for the purpose of sharing information between businesses after a detailed scrutiny of its infrastructure.

    May be the pizza thing was a bit of exxagerration to prove the point but I guess yes....

    Think while you go to book a airline ticket it assists initially with your preferences from the data in its database... Now if you are travelling to some other country where your airline does not have a service... it can coonect you to its partner site without any additional need for registration... again if you are travelling to locations it can give you details about hotels and other information again based on your preferences.. I guess this scenario would definetely make our lives more comfortable.. finally we would not require to register at five diffrent places to plan one trip.. That means ONE TRIP ONE REGISTRATION FOR ALL MY NEEDS... But that needs a lot of trust amongst the trading partners..... and the technology has to really innovated to inject a kind of trsut in such an arrangement......

    As regards Telemarketers..... Yeah I have seen lot of times the data that we share innocently is either sold over the web for few dollars... and makes our lives miserable.. I have this a lot in case of Financial services.... especially with Credit Cards apply for one... and the rest all companies start calling you again and again..
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    Heh, I got positive anti-points for my mom being lazy.
    I live in baton rouge. About an hour south of here is New Orleans. Its a great city for lazy people. Especially if you live around the quarter there is a store where you can order groceries, premade food, booze, clothes, almost anything you want and a guy delivers it to your house on a bicycle in 30 minutes.
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    silver: Nah, it's only a hard-copy mag.

    Soda: Yeh, IMO, it's completely worth checking out. Kinda immaturish at times, but some articles are really good.

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    I've never found a person on the other end of the phone for pizza delivery that had enough nouse to ask if my house was difficult to find (it is!) let alone do any of the other stuff mentioned!

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    Originally posted here by Soda_Popinsky
    Is 2600 worth reading from a whitehat perspective? I dont really care about malicious hacking or skiddie tools, I wouldn't trust myself even if I did. Does it offer Whitehat commentary?
    Yes! I think its a great magazine. They have articles on just about any type of hacking. Not necessarily "cracking". Some of the articles there might not make it to our tutorial forum(s)... but its def. worth it. I've been reading it for the past couple of years. Some very bright minds publish their articles there. Some of the articles I read and I'm like "wow".... then again, some of the articles I read and I'm like "duh.... that was lame". Just depends. Its all about the freedom of information. Not about cracking into corporate servers/websites. (but there is a lot of stuff about places you'd know... how to scam blockbuster, bestbuy, etc. but, educational stuff only. they don't promote it).
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