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    Thanks So much bluthund!! ..
    I can't beleive I never thought of putting a shortcut to my Internet Conection on my Desktop!...lol this is so smart!! So now at night or whenever I'm gonna be away from my computer for a while! I'll disconect!!! right on man Thanks!!!

    Also I got McAfee pro,cause my antivirus only had three days left? I got it from my sister!! and it also has a firewall in it, I've install the firewall too! but, I don't know if I need it? you see! when I do a test on Sygate? with only my router firewall,I pass it!! then it tells me to try the test without the Sygate firewall on?..lol I don't even have it? and I pass there test,so! I knew that I wasn't gonna bye their firewall?..lol but I was told that you can never have enough protection? so this is why I installed the McAfee one!!
    But hey!! that conection shortcut?..lol how much safer can you get?..
    Thanks again!

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    Hi. If you want to be anonymous then there are a umber of ways. As suggested above you could use a program like anonymizer which claims to be 100% foolproof. (somehow i get the feeling that if you really want to get traced you can be The best way is certianly to use a proxy. http://www.proxy4free.com/page1.html

    This is a link to some proxies, or u could just type in free proxy into google ( the best resource in the world.) You could also use a wingate, and again just type into google, but these are all well and good but as I said before, if its just to hide from a friend then its all well and good, but anything serious any you would get found out.

    Good luck


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    glad you are getting things sorted out...
    now gimme some points, LOL.
    No, remember, it is not only about keeping bad traffic from getting in, but also to control
    your outbound traffic. Some malware calls "home", and a software firewall can
    alert you to these attempts and even prevent such traffic, depending on how
    you configure it. I believe that McAfee has such capabilities, so you should be good to go.
    That is one of the criteria in choosing a firewall.


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    I'm Giving You a 10 bluthund!!

    But now,I'm on that proxy page and I've put on on but? it's slowing my internet down!!
    I've disable Java! and now the pages are not all nice to see! ..
    So I'm wondering how to make it work!! cause it says that it's suppose to speed up my internet!! not slow it down. almost every page I visit I have to hit Refresh??
    Maybe it has to do with the McAfee firewall I install ..

    I'm not sure if I should keep the proxy or not?
    your thoughts are welcome!!

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    Update: alright guys! I've found a proxy setting that works but!!..lol ya I know!
    if i keep the proxy on! and I go for the test on Sygate! there's about 4 or 5 open port's,but the IP is not mine!witch is what I'm trying to do?

    But if I take the proxy off!at sygate it's all stealth! exept for my real IP???

    So witch one is better?

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