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Thread: Hackers: Who are they and how can they be stopped

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    Thumbs up Hackers: Who are they and how can they be stopped

    I found this last night and it is very interesting. It has more than likely been discussed before but this is more recent. There is always new stuff coming out about hackers so I think this link is very useful.

    Hackers: Who are they and how can they be stopped

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    'It's 10 to one male to female. They tend to be the kind of nerdy, non-social people, although there's a lot who aren't. We've met lots who are intelligent, social, the sort of people you'd know at work and not suspect. They typically have an angry mentality, or the structure of their thinking doesn't comply with ours. How can they think what they do is right or justified?'
    You gotta be shitting me...does he even know what a hacker is?

    The ignorant bastards need to clarify that the one's causing malicious act are actually crackers, not hackers. If it wasn't for hackers, this Bryan Glick dumbass would not be submitting his article online, instead he'd have to print it and put it in a magazine.

    So, hackers simply liberate information. Rather like bank robbers just liberate cash.
    Another ignorant person out there without any clue of what hacking truly is and what he's helping it become in the eyes of the public. Someone needs to teach him the difference between hackers, script kiddies and crackers.

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    Slow down now, there were a few things in that article that were accurate.

    1. Google will return 4 million sites when you just search for "hackers"

    2. There sure are a buttload of skiddies out there.

    Other than that it's mostly bullsh*t.
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    Ok, that article is lame as hell indeed.
    You gotta be shitting me...does he even know what a hacker is?
    A word only means what most people think it means...
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    "They tend to be the kind of nerdy, non-social people, although there's a lot who aren't"

    How can they tend to be one thing, but then a lot of them aren`t? wouldn`t that mean that they tend to be social and non nerdy??

    Just more FUD creating crap.

    TruSecure seem to be getting a lot of press recently (they keep appearing on the BBC web site) mostly as the result of FUD creation, are they trying to grab some market share?

    Also great that these folks always quote Sun Tzu (I think every other "hacking" article of the past 10 years has quoted him somewhere), how about Clausewitz? when are we going to read how hacking is the extension of politics by technical means.....hey, I could be on to something there.
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    its not im anti-social
    im only anti-work
    GLOR ee OS key
    thats why im a jerk
    (strictly for the old-timers around here)

    this version of hackers came from a time when computers really weren't as cool as they are today. only those with a geeky penchant or no life at all bothered...like me.

    today the "underground" downloads pre-cracked software, and uses pre-made proggies to set up "stros" in an attempt to prove their cool (hey can somebody compile this for me). the same kids that spray paint the neighbors dog and break bottles on sharp bends in the road.
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    Tedob1 are you saying my ZX81 with a massive 1k of Ram wasn`t cool???? And how about the Commodore Pet!

    I`m devastated....
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    'The threat of cyber terrorism is not very real. If you add five bright guys from some extremist group with the same tools, how does that make it worse? Everybody is getting hit 40 or 50 times a day by all these other people.
    Just wait until someone steals and leaks the XP source code. Then people will realize that cyber terrorism is a possibility.

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    I`m curious as to what form you think this cyber terrorism is going to take?

    If the XP source code was compromised you still need to keep in mind that:

    a) Lots of companies (especially all the big ones) have all kinds of security mechanisms in place, besides locked down operating systems, to keep the cyber terrorists at bay
    b) Lots of companies don`t just use Windows, what about UNIX? MVS? etc ...
    c) The Linux source code has been out there for a while, and we haven`t yet seen a super linux virus destroying all in its path.

    So, I`m curious as to what you think might actually happen? I guess that you could have millions of machines turned into Zombies and then flooding the network with traffic, that might cause a few problems.

    Now, if someone was to have a way to screw up BGP and take out the major internet routers or something of this nature, this might have some effect, maybe...

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    From my (limited )knowledge of the exploits that have been found without the source code, I would expect havoc from a entire leaked source. And bigger companies don't need to be effected, its the home users with their credit cards, the small buisnesses with no firewalls. And maybe the one stupid Microsoft secretary that downloads a trojan, and from there inside the network causes trouble.

    But I'm no expert at all, I myself don't hack, it's only my prediction. By all means I'm not saying I'm correct!

    About the unix source code being available- I know that there are exploits for it, but from what I know they aren't as widespread as the MS ones.

    Corrections welcome!

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