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    Exclamation Look2Me spyware (msg118.dll)

    i ran across a machine that had this on it, it was picked up by adaware and spybot but could not be removed....i did some research and none of the solutions worked

    two solutions tried were the follwoing programs

    Killmsg118.exe and Killmsg117.exe, both were supposed to work by removing the file on restart. neither work.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
    [gloworange]Antyx[/gloworange] .. formerly lupdawg

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    Read here : http://www10.brinkster.com/expl0iter...st/L2M/L2M.htm for a full explanation on removal. If this doesn't work pst back - there are a few other things that may work.


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    try running hijackthis and postin a log here or over at spywareinfo.com's forum


    when you researched did you see this thread ?

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    Do what you did before, just in safemode.

    Press f5 at startup. or is it f8? I always forget

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    you know.. i didn't actually read much of the thread I posted the link to but..

    it seems to me that if you unregistered the dll, you could simply rename or delete it.

    in a command box.. type.. regsvr32 /u c:\path to msg118.dll

    just put in the right path to that file.. you should be able to rename/delete

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    thank you all for the suggestions, i will be trying all of these solutions tomorrow when i get back into work :-)
    [gloworange]Antyx[/gloworange] .. formerly lupdawg

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