Dutch Politicians Want Bestiality Banned


AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - Two Dutch political parties called Wednesday for laws prohibiting sex with animals after a man suspected of having sex with a pony was set free.

Wearing nothing but a T-shirt, the man was arrested by police in Utrecht Monday after the pony's owner caught him by surprise in his stable.

"He was caught in the stable, busy with the pony, and was arrested for animal mistreatment," Mary Hallebeek, a prosecution spokeswoman said.

The prosecutor set him free because there was no evidence of a crime. Dutch law does not prohibit bestiality.

"There were no wounds or traces of violence. The man may have had sex with the animal, but there is no article in law which says this is liable to punishment," Hallebeek said.

Both List Pim Fortuyn and the Socialist Party called for an amendment to the penal code to make bestiality punishable.

"Sex with an animal is a far-reaching infringement of its physical integrity and the animal can never consent to it. It is pure maltreatment and should therefore be punishable," LPF member Joost Eerdmans said in parliament.