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Thread: Sex?

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    Damn, I hope some one films that. I want to see sex with the toaster.
    Personally, I wouldn't want to see that

    Especially if the toaster was turned on. And when I say 'turned on' I don't mean aroused.




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    lmao, well, was it hot atleast?
    <s>all your base are belong to us!

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    Thumbs down

    Thanks for the tease, nothing like seeing a thread with the topic "Sex", only to click and be grossed out.

    What is wrong with these people, that they would do that to animals. Sick Freaks

    Anyways, mood was lifted and shot down quickly with this post, someone make it up and post something great, k?

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    I wanna **** my dog in the ass so it will not feel so lonely. I'll do it in secret so I will not get arrested. Oops, I said in a public forum... Brad, please do not arrest me

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    I say, "whatever floats your boat". If you want to bang a horse then by all means bang that horse, but keep it private. Don't put it in public where civilized poeple will be subject to seeing something like that.
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    No, I don't want you all running around banging farm yard animals.

    Thats not what I ment when I told you all to go forth and find your self some cows and bitches.

    I mean cmon some of us have milk on our cereal in the morning and I am fond of a good steak.

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