We got a cool assignment today in my Network Security class.. Here is the scenario:
@ 2:05pm the FBI arrested what is thought to be a drug lord. No drugs were found on the dealer. He has been in contact with known drug dealers. A flopy disk was found on the subject. He tried to flee from the scene so he might of dropped something to incriminate him on drug charges....

I have to give a report that a computer forensics investigator would write.. I need a program to work with XP that can read the entire floppy disk. I am guessing there is plenty of information hidden on the disk that would incriminate him. The teacher hinted at this hard. He said that it would be better to us Linux to check out the disk. He wasnt sure if there was a good Hex editor that would read the entire disk. I dont know though

My biggest question is, what is the best way to read this file on the floppy. And what is on the Floppy disk.